Gas-insulated Substation Jellah (220 kV)

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220 kV Substation
220 kV Substation

Country: Libya

Client: Siemens SAS

Period: 2017-2018

Scope of Work: Energization of 220 kV Jellah GIS Substation

  • Full and thoroughly cleaning of the GIS and whole substation
  • Exchanging 12 non functional density monitors
  • Installation and commissioning of the 110VDC and 48VDC batteries
  • Commissioning of the DC switchgear
  • SF6 gas quality measurements of the all GIS compartments
  • Energization of the secondary equipment and checking its basic functionality
  • Primary injection of the currents
  • Testing all signals from the primary equipment to the BCUs and control system
  • Testing of the interlocking for the 220kV switchgear
  • Finalizing the wiring of the MDF panels
  • Stability test of the busbar protection. Can be done along with a step 5
  • Testing of the oil in the power transformers and preliminary test of them before energization.
  • Starting up of the control system and checking its functionality
  • Commissioning and starting up the telecommunication