Skoda Cogeneration Power Plant Mlada Boleslav (88MW)

Reference data

Country: Czech Republic

Client: ABB AG

Period: 2019

Scope of Work: Conversion of the distribution station (VST) to FDDI Fibre Distributed Data Link bus technology based on fiber optic cables in the power plant Mlada Boleslav

  • laying of the pre-assembled fiber optic cables (preparation during operation)
  • dismantling of the TK05/FT05 wiring on the TK05 side including the associated bus-side terminal strip at system standstill/downtime
  • installation of the new bus circuit board (89IL50) at system standstill/downtime
  • installation of the 88TK50 bus coupler and connection of the fibre-optic cables at system standstill/downtime
  • dismantling of the TK05/FT05 wiring, the coaxial-cabling in the MS02 cabinet and the remote bus cable (89FK05) after successful test of the bus-communication
  • installation of the blind plate / Z-Rack cover in each control cabinet