Gas Power Station AGOCO Nafoora Oil Field

Reference Data

Country: Libya

Client: Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO)

Period: 2020-2021

Scope of Work: Overhaul GT 6 MAN S-Series Type 3

Installation Supervision

  • Dismantling according requirement
  • Checking and inspection visually of components according situation
  • Cleaning of gas turbine parts according requirements
  • Checking and recording of relevant measurements and clearances
  • Reassemble the gas turbine
  • Alignment to the gearbox and generator

Control system

  • Verification / calibration of the control and supervision system
  • Verification / calibration of the field instruments

Re-commissioning of gas turbine generator set

  • Start-up tests
  • Ignition tests
  • Acceleration tests
  • Load tests