Kraftwerk Fadhili (1.500MW)


Land: Saudi Arabien

Endkunde: Siemens AG

Zeitraum: 2018-2019

Leistungsumfang: ElectricalCommissioning SFC/SEE-System

  • Commissioning of components and systems in line with commissioning programs and procedures that have been released by the project
  • Commissioning activities of the SFC/SEE system on the gas turbine unit, within special test for check of the correct functionality in the power plant process
  • Advisory service for performance of the following
  • pre-commissioning of SFC/SEE equipment
  • start-up tests in close co-operation with turbine commissioning advisor and electrical protection engineer
  • load tests in close co-operation with electrical and turbine commissioning advisor
  • interface to external systems
  • optimization of automatic voltage regulator
  • Advisory service for preparation of erection and commissioningdocumentation for SEE/SFC equipment
  • Schedule tracking performed on the basis of existing time schedules and regular reporting on commissioning activities
  • Monitoring of the Permit-to-Work procedures. Ensuring compliance with regulations pertaining to Safety, Environmental and Health regulations within the scope of won responsibility