HGÜ Stromrichterstation (2,000 MW)


Land: Kenia

Kunde: Siemens Energy

Zeitraum: 2020-2021

Leistungsumfang: Montage & Inbetriebnahmeunterstützung

  • Replacement and commissioning of AC circuit breaker type 3AP2FI rated voltage 500kV
  • Commissioning of SF6 density monitors and tripping signals
  • Circuit Breaker insulation test  AC and DC Switchyard
  • Adjustment of the earthing switchers Type: SBBIII-AM-420
  • SF6 gas handling and analyzing on AC and DC swübernehmenitchyards
  • SF6 gas handling and analyzing on DC Voltage dividers type HVR-GC
  • Commissioning of phase synchronizing device 
  • Commissioning of transformer connection protection system 7UT86 DIGSI5
  • 33kV GIS Switch gear  8DA10/8DB10 service (filter installation, contact resistance test, SF6 gas works)